2023 NZBAI North Island Open Entry


Entry for 2023 North Island Open.


Class * 

Division * 

The number of entrants in each division will be determined after the weigh-in has
been completed, in accordance with the guidelines provided in the NOR Attachment 1.

Light weights (less than 70 kg)
Middle weights (70 kg and up to 82.5 kg)
Heavy weights (82.5 kg and up to 95 kg)
Super weights (95 kg and over)
Dual Entries – not permitted

What is your expected weigh in weight to assist with planning?


Please enter your transponder number “XX-12345” or enter “Hire” and add a Transponder hire to your order.

How many in your party wish to attend the Friday night barbeque? ($5 on the night)

How many in your party wish to attend the Saturday night Dinner at The Filter Room? (pay on the night)

Lunches will be available for $12 per person per day,
NIO Lunches Saturday (+$12.00)
Please enter lunches required for Saturday

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NZBAI North Island Open 2023 NOR

Blokart Hawkes Bay, Higgins Blokart Park, Napier

Event Details here: Link



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