01/08/2024 – 03/08/2024 all-day
90 Mile Beach
90 Mile Beach

Notice of Race

New Zealand Blokart Association Inc.

2024 North Island Open Championship

90 Mile Beach and/or Tokerau Beach, Northland

1st to 3rd August 2024


Host club:  Auckland Blokart Club

Venue and on-site facilities:  Base for social events is at Top 10 Holiday Park, Whatuwhiwhi, Karikari Peninsula.


The Top 10 has been reserved for this event from 1st June to 17th July. The website will show as being fully booked until 17th July and after that date any rooms/sites not booked will be opened to the general public. 

Bookings must be made by phone to 0800 142444 or 09 4087202 and quote booking code Blokart Group. 


Depending on wind direction, sailing will be either at Tokerau Beach (3km from Top 10) on the east coast, or at Ahipara (53km from Top 10) or Waipapakauri (43km from Top 10) on the west coast.

Activity Date 90 Mile       Tokerau 

Low Tides Thu 1 Aug

Fri 2 Aug

Sat 3 Aug







Registration, weigh-in, scrutineering Weds 31 July

1430 to 1700 at Top 10

Registration, weigh-in, scrutineering Thu 1 Aug

0730 to 0800 at Top 10

0930 to 1000 at sailing venue 0800 to 0830 at sailing venue
Welcome, briefing, and racing

Times may change due to tides and conditions

Thu 1 Aug

Fri 2 Aug

Sat 3 Aug

1015 to 1530

1115 to 1600

1200 to 1630

0815 to 1330

0915 to 1400

1000 to 1500

Refreshments at Top 10 Thu 1 Aug 1800

Fri 2 Aug 1800

Sat 3 Aug 1830


BBQ. BYO food and drink

Dinner and prizegiving at local hall



Participants must be a current member of the NZBAI or other IBRA affiliated association. Enter on the NZBAI website www.bai.nz and pay the entry fee and dinner costs to NZBAI – ASB account 12-3217-0043726-000

Entries Close on Wednesday 24th July 2024 at 2359 hours.  Entries must be accompanied by the entry fee:

Entry fee $50 adult / $20 youth plus $10 transponder hire (if required) for the event. Dual entries (ie sailing in more than one class) are not permitted.

Late entries will NOT be accepted. 

Where there are fewer than four entrants in Cruiser class at 1900 hours on 15th July 2024, entrants will be offered the opportunity to either move to another class or withdraw from the event and have their entry fees refunded.    


Lunch: BYO

Dinner:    The optional dinner and prizegiving on Saturday night will be at the Karikari Community Hall, Matai Bay Road. Cost is yet to be determined. Order and pay on online once details are finalised.

Practice:  Use the beach when you can.

Storage: No storage is provided.


Access to the beach venues is via sandy ramps followed by a drive of up to 10km along the beach. 

Please indicate on the entry form if you require transport from the Top 10 (or nearby) for people and/or equipment to the beach venues. 

Beach Access

For Tokerau at the end of Simon Urlich Road. For 90 Mile Beach at Waipapakauri at the end of West Coast Road. For Ahipara at the end of Kaka St then follow the edge of the creek to the left all the way to the hard sand at the beach. 

Toilets are located in Ahaipara and at the Tokerau and Waipapakauri access points.

Classes / Divisions:

There will be three classes of racing offered – Production, Performance and Cruiser. Note that entrants in Cruiser class sail as one division (unless there is a significant number of entrants) regardless of weight and permitted enhancements to blokarts.  

Up to four divisions will be offered in each of Production and Performance classes and the number of divisions will be determined by the race committee after the total number of entrants is known. The number of entrants in each division will be determined, after weigh-in has been completed, in accordance with the guidelines provided in Attachment 1.     

The race committee has discretion to adjust numbers in each division to ensure weight ranges within a division are as equitable as possible.     

A table summarising the mechanism to achieve division splits is provided in Attachment 1.  

Concurrent Races: 

Preference will be given to run each class and division separately, but the race committee may require classes and/or divisions to be sailed concurrently with the results being split out by class and division.    

Format and Rules: 

  • Racing will be in accordance with the IBRA Rule Book Edition 9 (Published October 2023), effective from 1st January 2024.). This can be read on the NZ Blokart Association website at www.bai.nz/blokart-sailing/rules . The Rules are to be read in conjunction with the Sailing Instructions which notify changes to the Rules. If applicable, other changes will be advised during a briefing.   
  • The duration of races may be for a set time or for a set number of laps.    
  • A minimum of three rounds of racing must be completed by each class and division for a series to occur.  There will be no maximum number of rounds or races for the series.  
  • The sailing course, race duration, dial-up instructions, and start sequence will be explained at the briefing and may be changed during the day.  
  • Competitors will be advised of any changes to the sailing course or start sequence in a briefing.  
  • Electronic timing may be used by sailors and all blokarts will have a compatible transponder fixed in place in front of the mast base at all times during the event.  
  • Prior to each division or class’s first race all karts in that division or class will go over the timing loop when requested to check transponders.  
  • Race officials will make the decision whether to start a race or not.  
  • The race officials may shorten or abandon a race after it has started (including abandoning the race after the designated time for the race has passed).  
  • Sails and equipment must not be changed once in the designated pre-start area and blokarts may not leave it until called to the start line. At the discretion of the race officials, sail or equipment changes may be permitted for safety or other reasons.    
  • Race drops: A sailor’s worst race placing will be dropped after 8 races; the second worst placing dropped after 15 races; and the third worst place dropped after 21 races.  
  • Provisional results will be posted as quickly as possible after each race and the posting time will be noted on the results sheet. Competitors have 60 minutes after provisional results have been posted to advise a race officer in writing of any observed discrepancy. A Results Discrepancy Advice form will be available.  
  • Protest fee: $10 returned to the protester if the protest or redress is upheld.  
  • Protest panels will be made up of race officers and experienced sailors as needed.  
  • Competitors may be called upon to do marshaling or race officer duty. A schedule will be advised prior to marshals or race officers being required.    

Updated rules for event:

B.5.7 Race Numbers – IBRA Rule B.5.7 is reworded to the following: 

All competitors will be supplied a race number at registration which must be fitted to their pulley whip at all times during racing. Failure to properly display the race number, while racing, in accordance with instructions will result in disqualification. 

C.3 Safety Equipment – IBRA Rule C.3 is reworded to the following: 

Competitors must wear helmets, enclosed footwear, and gloves while the blokart is in motion. 

C.6 Briefing – IBRA Rule C.6 is reworded to the following: 

Briefing will be held prior to commencement of racing each day and further briefings may be carried out at a central point for all competitors or in the start area with each racing group advised immediately prior to their race. Competitors must attend each briefing and no competitor may sail on the race track unless they have been briefed. 

  • Beach Sailing Instructions are attached to this Notice of Race as Attachment 2


Cups and Trophies:

  1. a) A cup will be awarded to first place-getters, and medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each class/division sailed subject to the number of entrants in each class and division.  
  2. b) A table summarising the allocation of cups and medals is provided in Attachment 1.  
  3. c) Cups will be presented at prize-giving but will be retained by the race committee.  
  4. d) The race committee will have the winners’ names engraved on the cups.   

Attachment 1

Description of Combining Arrangements for the 2024 NIO

The following procedures shall be adopted for establishing Divisions within Classes (applies to Performance and Production only):

  • There shall be no minimum numbers for a Class, but a minimum of six in a Division.
  • When combining divisions, adjacent divisions shall be combined that produce the smallest total.
  • Repeat procedure (2) above, until minimum numbers are reached in the remaining divisions or the entire class is combined in a single division. 
  • Examples of how it may operate are provided below:


Class Entries

(no.’s per

weight group)


Most Equal  Combinations

By weight

Final Divisions that meet criteria –  minimum of six & closest weight grouping. (Divisions of six might be combined for races but will be split out for medals).
6,6,6,6 Not combined, meets minimum requirements  One class, four divisions, four cups (probably race as two groups for efficiency or one group if the track is large enough).
1,2,0,1 Combined as one class of 4 One class of four competitors – ie there are less than 6 competitors in total. One cup & race as one group.
2,4,3,3 6,6 L&M-H&SH combined as two divisions of the class. Two cups & race as one group for race efficiency (ie results split out).
2,4,8,1 6,9 L&M-H&SH combined as two divisions of the class. Two cups & race as one group.
2,3,8,1 5,8,1 No adjoining groups of 6 (ie if you take the Heavies as 8, other divisions are left with less than 6), so only option is to combine all into one class/division of 14 competitors. One cup & race as one group.
4,1,5,3 5,5,3 No adjoining groups of 6, so only option is to combine all into one class/division of 13 competitors. One cup & race as one group.
6,2,5,8 6,7,8 6,7,8 as three divisions of the class. Three cups, probably race as one group.
2,3,8,5 5,8,5 No adjoining groups of 6, so only option is to combine all into one class/division of 18 competitors. One cup & race as one group.

(L = Lightweight, M = Middleweight, H = Heavyweight, SH = Super Heavyweight)


Remember, these are random examples and the last example is possibly an extreme case.  


Note that some final divisions and classes may be raced together for operational efficiency with the results split out.

The calculation of Divisions to be run in each of the Classes will be determined by the Race Committee following entrant weigh-in at registration.  


Attachment 2


North Island Open 2024 Information and Sailing Instructions


Welcome to the forthcoming North Island Open at 90 Mile and Tokerau Beaches. Modified rules for beach racing are included below for entrants to make themselves familiar with before the event. 



Due to time constraints forced by tide times, only a limited 30 minute time slot is available for registration and scrutineering at the beach venue on the Thursday morning. It is preferable for you to do these tasks at the Top 10 park on Wednesday.


Public access to the Beach 

We cannot restrict public access to or use of the beach and we must respect other users’ rights. The beaches are public roads and have a maximum speed limit of 60 kph, but the limit is 30 kph within 200 metres of an access point.



Course Types 

Generally, for beach racing two types of courses may be set depending on wind direction relative to the beach. 


Course Type 1: Reaching Course 

Where wind is blowing square to the beach, and tacks are not required to make progress towards the marks in either direction, then; 

  1. A downwind course direction is not nominated under E.8 
  2. Blokarts should in general keep to the right-hand side of the course in both directions. 
  3. Blokarts meeting head-on should bear to the right to avoid a collision. 


Course Type 2: Windward / Leeward Course 

Where wind is blowing at an angle to the beach, and tacks are required to make progress to the marks in at least one direction, then; 

  1. A downwind course direction is nominated under E.8 
  2. When blokarts are approaching from opposite directions, the blokart on the nominated downwind leg must give way to blokart heading upwind under E.8. The blokart on the nominated upwind leg must hold their course and make full and predictable tacks from one edge of the course to the other. 


If a change in wind conditions during a race results in a change in the type of course needed above, then the race will stopped by the race officials and competitors will be re-briefed prior to the race being restarted. 


Continuing Obstructions 

  • The sea and associated wave line, along with soft sand near the high tide mark are defined as continuing obstructions under E.11 
  • A competitor may decide how close to these obstructions they sail, and shall not be pushed up any further into the obstruction by a leeward competitor under E.2 


Leaving or Exiting a Blokart 

  • Patches of soft sand or water are defined as an obstruction under E.13 
  • A competitor may exit their blokart during a race to push their blokart to clear the obstruction. The competitor must be re-seated in the blokart with their seatbelt fastened prior to setting off in motion as required by E.13. 
  • No sustained pushing or scooting is permitted. Races will be abandoned if there is observed to be an un-sailable section of the course which requires sustained wheeling by all competitors. 


People / Cars / Buses / Bikes / Motorbikes / Horses

  • The beach remains open for public access during racing. Warning signs will be placed at either end of the course to warn the public of our activities.
  • Public vehicles or people entering the race course are to be treated as an obstruction. 
  • Where practicable maintain at least 20m separation when passing. 
  • Races will be called off if the race officers consider there to be a safety concern or significant obstruction caused by members of the public during a race.