Here are the results for the New Zealand Open 2022, held prior to the worlds in Sanson

NZ Open 2022 ProductionHS, (Heavies and Supers)

NZ Open 2022 ProductionLM (Lights and Middles)

NZ Open 2022 Super

NZ Open 2022 Heavy

NZ Open 2022 Light

NZ Open 2022 Middle

The Results for the Blokart Worlds 2022:

Blokart Worlds 2022 Performance Super

Blokart Worlds 2022 Production Heavy

Blokart Worlds 2022 Production Light

Blokart Worlds 2022 Production Middle

Blokart Worlds 2022 Production Super

Blokart Worlds 2022 Youth Results

Blokart Worlds 2022 Performance Heavy

Blokart Worlds 2022 Performance Light

Blokart Worlds 2022 Performance Middle


visit speedhive for a full breakdown of results (NZO results are at the bottom of the page)


Notice of Race (click here)


The International Blokart Racing Association, in conjunction with the Manawatu Blokart Club, Blokart International, and the NZBAI are proud to announce that the 2022 Blokart World Championship will take place in New Zealand in October this year. The event will be hosted over 2 venues, making use of Manawatu Blokart Clubs’ purpose-built blokart sailing track for some action-packed short course races, and with the generous support of the RNZAF we have access to Ohakea Air Base for 3 days of high-speed racing on the tarmac. The proposed schedule for the World Championship and the pre-event is:

  • Pre Event Registration and Practise 17th October
  • Pre Event 18th& 19th October
  • Worlds Registration 20th October
  • World Champs 21st to 25th October

Full details can be found in the Notice of Race

More details to follow soon both here on and on facebook. We look forward to seeing you there.