How to Buy

How to Buy

After you have had a go, you will probably want to get a blokart for yourself or family.

Blokart Models

The Pro model has a 100% polished stainless 304 steel chassis, ideal for corrosive coastal conditions.

blokart’s are equipped with stainless steel components and are supplied in their bag with a 3m, 4m and/or 5.5m sail (5 colour options) and a fibre glass, carbon or combination glass/carbon mast.

For most people the 4m sail is the most used, and then to get the most of the kart a 5.5m is great in lighter winds, or if you are heavier. There is a weight to sail size table on blokart’s website.

For racing – we have two equipment classes; production and performance, with weight categories for the sailors. Production class are blokarts “out of the bag” without performance accessories. Performance blokarts are allowed to use the btech® accessories like pod, carbon mast sections, cranes, batten tensioners and adjustable down hauls. The IBRA rules list the accessories and modifications permitted for each class.

New blokarts

To purchase a new blokart please contact your nearest dealer. A list of New Zealand dealers are on blokart’s website here.

Second Hand blokarts

Please contact your local club – as they may be aware of some blokarts that are for sale. Also there are some occasionally listed on Trademe.

Club members are also in the know with the different revisions of karts over the years, as blokart made continuous improvements to the design, most notably, front fork upgrades, front wheel design, Chromoly over steel in the sport to comp model change, rear axle diameter, seat clamping method and seat size. Also sails have evolved from the early designs with finger battens and bungies.

Making the most of your new blokart

Join the local club! They can help you with set-up, sailing tips and venues (Note some venues are club only access).

If you would like to get into racing, but find the starts intimidating, a club is a good place to start out – they can help you with the rules at techniques. The clubs often run races that new or casual sailors can enjoy. Some of the NZBAI events have a “C Class” for casual or new sailors (Performance parts are generally allowed in “C Class”). You can then gain experience before racing in the Production or Performance class.