Below is the entry list for the 2019 Master Games.

Please note this page is not automatically updated on your entry. Last updated 15/1/2018. Total Entries 52.

First Name Last Name Class Division Club
Peter Curtis Cruiser 35+ 35+ Manawatu
Cecilia Dalrymple Cruiser 35+ 35+ Manawatu
Michael Long Cruiser 35+ 35+ Manawatu
Jim McDonald Cruiser 35+ 35+ Manawatu
Carlo van den Dijssel Cruiser 35+ 35+ Manawatu
Neal Absalom Performance 65+ Hawkes Bay
Malcom Ayers Performance 50+ Capital
John Baines Performance 70+ Manawatu
Warwick Blanchard Performance 70+ Manawatu
Bruce Buckland Performance 60+ Manawatu
Grant Clark Performance 65+ Auckland
Barry Cole Performance 50+ Auckland
COLIN COOK Performance 70+ Manawatu
Andrew Curtis Performance 50+ Manawatu
Jon D Performance 70+ Auckland
Rosemary Davies Performance 70+ Auckand
Robert Deighton Performance 70+ Manawatu
Rudi Dekker Performance 65+ Manawatu
Michael Denton Performance 50+ Canterbury
Neil Forrester Performance 70+ Auckland
Trevor French Performance 65+ Bay
John Graham Performance 70+ Hawkes Bay
Geoff Green Performance 60+ Auckland
ROSS HARRIS Performance 70+ Manawatu
John Healey Performance 65+ Hawkes Bay
David Heilbron Performance 55+ Auckland
Raymund Kelly Performance 65+ Auckland
Bob Louden Performance 65+ Auckland
Dean Maher Performance 55+ Manawatu
Rudolph Meltzer Performance 70+ Canterbury
monty montgomerie Performance 70+ Manawatu
Ian neal Performance 55+ Manawatu
Bernie ODonnell Performance 60+ Manawatu
Warren Pedley Performance 50+ Manawatu
Murray Perreau Performance 70+ Manawatu
Paul Randell Performance 65+ Manawatu
Phil Ready Performance 60+ Capital
Trevor Register Performance 70+ Manawatu
Torkel Stillefors Performance 55+ Auckland
Allan Tait Performance 65+ Manawatu
Ian Timperley Performance 70+ Capital
Ernie watts Performance 70+ Manawatu
Rob Woolford Performance 60+ Manawatu
Arron Schroder Production 70+ Manawatu
Alan Wylie Production 70+ Canterbury
Fred Oosterhof Performance 65+ Auckland
Tony Frischer Performance 60+ Auckland
John Nicholson Performance 65+ Auckland
Paul Page Performance 65+ Auckland
Greg SchultzZ Performance 70+ Auckland
ian morley Performance 70+ Hawkes Bay
David Tillman Performance 55+ Canterbury