The 2016 Blokart World Championships are now less than 7 months away.

The venue is again Ivanpah, a world class land-sailing venue, and the site of the 2012 blokart worlds. Ivanpah is a dry lake bed in the Mojave Desert on the border between California and Nevada and less than 50km from Las Vegas. It was also the location where the world sailing speed record of 202km/hr was set in 2009.

The event is open to all blokart sailors. Please email Barry Cole at if you are interested in attending and would like to be included on an email group for the event.

Race Insurance for 2016 Worlds

The NZBAI have again arranged group racing insurance cover from IHI-Bupa.

This is same insurance company used for the blokart world’s last time in the US in 2012.

The basic race insurance cover works out at around NZD12.50 per day per person. So to cover an assumed 11 days of practise and racing for NABSA champs and Worlds champs at Ivanpah next year it will cost a total of NZD137 per person.

We would need to get at least 19 people signed up to it to get it at this rate. i.e. ≥200 days of total cover needed.

The above includes the non-medical option which covers personal liability issues – which is probably to be recommended in the US (and was a condition for sailing there last time I believe)

Overseas people (including both NZ team members and other racers) can also be signed up to this policy.

This policy will be used to cover medical issues occurring during racing as general travel insurance policies usually won’t cover racing.

It covers all age groups up to 80 years young.

It covers pre-existing medical conditions provided that they have been stable for at least 6months.

It will not cover damage to equipment or other events outside of the racing days on the playa. Individuals will still need their own general travel insurance to cover these periods e.g. baggage loss or trip cancellation

Most people get “free” general travel cover if the flights are paid for using a credit card.

Race Jackets for 2016 Worlds

Pre-orders are being taken for NZ Team jackets. These high quality water-resistant softshell jackets are similar to the ones made for the 2012 worlds. The jackets are available to all NZ blokarters and are selling for $81.00 incl GST.

They are embroidered with the NZBAI and blokart logos. A minimum of 20 orders are needed before they can go ahead.

Please email Barry Cole at before the South Island Open in October and confirm number and sizes needed if you are interested.

Please download this file for sizing chart and design:  NZ Blokart Team Jacket (pdf)